Considerate Service

Hola China will welcome guests in airport with our special welcome stuffs, and we will distribute one bottle of mineral water to all guests, and we will also prepare a small souvenir when the guest depart from China to remember the trip.
During the trip, our local tour guide will take care of all of the guests, to remind them of everything for daily tour, they will look after senior guests more carefully and explain more about China in patience.

During the trip, for disable travelers, we can arrange wheelchairs for them. If they need special
cares, we will try our best to satisfy them.
When emergency happened, our whole team in China will be on duty for 24hours. We are trying to solve all problems in quick way and reduce our guests’ loss and hurts.
When guest celebrate their birthday, we can offer them a birthday cake and some surprises.
When the guests want the special menu, we can arrange it according to their wishes.
More cares about guests and more cares about their feedback will be our persistent principles.