MICE is a term generally used in tourism industry which includes a well-organized program centered on a specific theme. These themes may include a hobby, a profession, or an educational matter. The MICE industry has been rising over the past few decades into an established business sector, motivated by the globalization and augment in cross border trade.
More and more businesses now understand that meetings, incentives, exhibitions and conferences are essential means of communicating their industry messages, growing sales and business development.
In simple terms MICE stands for:
M = Meetings (To administer all arrangements; which is necessary in normal general Meetings)
I = Incentive (To manage incentive tour for your corporate)
C = Conferences (To systematize meetings of wide level called conference and manage all
arrangements for bigger groups)
E= Exhibitions (To arrange exhibitions at global level on various exhibition grounds)
“Life happens at the level of events, not words.”
“The potential of the global meetings, incentives, conventions and exhibitions (MICE) Industry is evident. Statistic indicates a total of 400,000 conferences and exhibitions are organized worldwide every year, at the total outlay of USD 280 billion. “
To strategically meet your financial resources and objectives You need destination experiences.We offer you cost effective options in destinations to allow you to maximize your meeting and conference experience.